First Run With My New Huaraches

So I received my huaraches kit from Invisible Shoe two days ago and assembled them on the same day, but not before stopping at Michaels to purchase a leather hole punch for $11. Yesterday I made a short walk around the neighborhood to test them. The shoes feel great, it is almost like walking barefoot. However, it was cold. I happened to tie the right shoe more tight than the left one, not on purpose, but I left it that way to see the effects. The string of the right shoe between the first and second toe rubs a little bit at the webbing, but it does not really hurt. The left shoe makes more noise when it hits the ground.

Today I started my first test run of a bout 1 mile. However, a night at 30F/-1C is proably not the best condition to run almost barefoot. And running does not warm up the feet sufficiently. So, the feet felt very cold. I ran on a path with a lot of gravel and could feel every stone, and often hurtful. I hope will get used to that some time. I am a little doubtful if getting the huaraches was really a good idea. But I will certainly give them more tries.

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